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Freelance Digital Artist+ Bubble Tea & Naptime Enthusiast

✦ Interested in a Commission? ✦

Please fill out this order form below:

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✦ Commission Type: i.e. Sketch, Full body
✦ Character References: please be sure to have clean, accurate refs.
✦ Character Description / Personality: just a small blurb so I can understand the character. A link to a character profile is okay too.
✦ Pose / Expressions /Ect: what you have in mind for your commission! If you don't have anything specific in mind and want to give me artistic freedom, you can say that as well
✦ Other: any details to keep in mind, things to avoid, etc.
✦ I acknowledge and accept the Terms of Service: yes / no

You can contact me at any of the following:

✦ Email: [email protected]
✦ Twitter: @AngelSomaART
✦ Instagram: @AngelSomaART
✦ DeviantART: @Angel-Soma
✦ @Angel-Soma

Please be sure to put "commission" in the email title, or in the first message you send,
so it doesn't get overlooked.
Please feel free to contact me about any questions you may have about my art or commissions as well. Thanks!

AngelSoma Art Commissions

Commissions are currently:
Slots will reopen August 1st

Prices are listed in $USD.If your character/concept has a lot of details involved or is overly complex in some way (ie extra heads/limbs, complicated markings/patterns, etc.) I may charge additional fee for the extra time it would take.I currently do not offer customs or work from written description. I will not accept a commission of a character that doesn't have a visual reference.Please note that I only draw SFW art.


Portrait: $25
Half Body: $40
Full Body: $60
+80% price per
additional character
- Colored, with minimal shading/highlights
- Transparent or simple color BG


Portrait: $40
Half Body: $60
Full Body: $80
+80% price per additional character- Fully colored and shaded, with textures.
- Transparent or simple color BG

Character Page

Sketch: $75+
Shaded: $150+
Pricing varies depending on what's included; please ask for a quote!Default includes:
- 1 full body + 3 portraits, with small details / accessories


Sketch: $30
Shaded: $50
+80% price per additional character- All chibis are full body, drawn with simplified details.
- Transparent or simple color BG

Symmetrical Icon

Sketch: $35
Shaded: $50
- One character only
- Front-facing portrait, simple BG


Sketch Scene: $80+
Shaded Scene: $120+
Painted Scene: $120+
+80% price per additional character- Includes one or more characters within a full background.Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the scene; please ask for a quote!

✦ AngelSoma Art Commissions ✦

Status: OPEN

Pricing is listed in USD$

SKETCH STYLE $25 Portrait $50 HalfBody $80 FullBody
Sketchy/messy lines with simple coloring. Transparent/simple background included.

CLEAN STYLE $50 Portrait $100 HalfBody $150 FullBody
Clean lines with detailed coloring. Transparent/simple background included.

CHIBI $50 Sketch Style $80 Clean Style
Small with simplified details. Transparent/simple background included

CHARACTER PAGE $100 Standard
Sketch Style Only. Standard includes 1 fullbody + 3 portraits + details / accessories.
Extra portraits, items, etc. can be added for an additional fee.

Experimental. Simple characters/items only. Ask for a quote!

WANT SOMETHING ELSE? Feel free to ask about it!
I often experiment with different brushes or styles. If you liked a certain artwork I've drawn previously, you can ask if I can replicate it! Just know that I may or may not be able to.


✦ Complexity Fee : Characters with complex markings / clothing, or extra limbs, wings, heads, etc., may need a complexity fee. Starts at $10+ and varies by character.
✦ Additional Characters : +80% of base price per character.
✦ Props / Pets : For additional items such as weapons, or simple / small animals, to accompany the main character(s). $5 - $20 depending on item / pet.
✦ Scene / Illustration: For a more complex / detailed background than the simple default. Starts at $20+ and varies greatly by subject, composition, and details.
✦ Commercial Use: Not available at this time. (All commissions are Personal Use only.)
✦ Private Commission: For commissions to not be posted in my galleries, portfolios, or elsewhere. +30% of total price.

Human / Humanoids
Animals / Creatures / Monsters
Feral / Anthro / Furry
OCs / Fan characters
Cute animals / creatures
Nature scenery

Sexual / NSFW
Gore / Extreme violence
Anything fetish-related
Mecha / Robotic
If the art features any text / handwriting.
Please note : I currently do not offer customs or work from written description. I will not accept a commission of a character that doesn't have a complete visual reference.

✦ Terms of Service ✦

Please be sure to read over my terms before commissioning me.
By commissioning me you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms.

✦ General ✦

  • All commissions are digital only. Nothing will be physically mailed to you.

  • I reserve the right to reject a commission without explanation.

  • My artwork, commission or otherwise, are never to be sold / minted / used as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). I do not support these.

✦ Rights & Distribution ✦

✦ As the Artist

  • I retain all rights to the artwork I create.

  • I may post commissioned art to my social medias and galleries and use for self promotion purposes.

  • For FanArt, I may use the artwork for prints or other merchandise (i.e. within an artbook) unless discussed otherwise at time of purchase.

  • I may use unused / rejected sketches for future commissions or projects.

✦ As the Client

  • Commissioned art is for Personal Use only.

  • You may display the commissioned artwork online as long as I'm credited/tagged.

  • You may resize/crop the artwork to use as an icon

  • You can not remove or obscure my signature

  • You can not edit / alter the artwork any other way than listed above unless discussed previously

✦ Payments, Refunds, & Cancellations ✦

  • Payments are via Paypal. I will send an invoice detailing the commission.

  • Payment is due in full upfront for all commissions under $200. For larger commissions, half upfront & half upon approved WIP can be discussed.

  • If you wish to cancel a commission that I have not yet started, you will be refunded in full (minus any transaction fees.)

  • If you wish to cancel a commission that I have already started, the amount I refund will be based on how much work I have already completed for you

  • I will not give full or partial refunds for completed commissions, regardless of the reason. If you are not happy with your commission, it should be said before completion so you may receive a partial refund.

  • In the event a client issues a chargeback, regardless of reason, I will decline all future work from them and may list them on a public or private blacklist. (Please note that chargebacks are different from refunds.)

✦ Updates & Revisions ✦

  • The amount of updates you receive will vary depending on commission type and how large / detailed it is. I generally only send the sketch for approval and feedback, though I may send more at different stages if I deem necessary or require additional feedback.

  • If you would like additional updates, such as after each stage (ie sketch, lines, flats, shading, etc.) you may request so.

  • I will only redraw the initial sketch up to 2 times. After that you will either have to pick one for me to continue with, or I will charge additional fees for each redraw.

  • After the sketch has been approved, revisions may require additional fees, especially if they are large or require changes to the linework.

  • If I have made a mistake on your commission due to an error on my part, I will fix it free of charge.

  • If I have made a mistake on your commission due to misinformation on your part, I might charge a fee to fix it.

  • I reserve the right to deny any edits / revisions that I feel would compromise the quality of the piece or not fit my art style.

✦ Communication & Turnaround ✦

  • Estimated turnaround time is 2 weeks - 4 months depending on complexity, not counting the time in queue.

  • I generally only have up to 5 commissions in queue at a time, to avoid backlog / longer wait times for clients. Please feel free to ask me where you are in my queue.

  • I try to complete commissions in a reasonable timeframe, but please try to be understanding of the current pandemic / life factors (my job, health, etc.) that may cause me to take longer than usual.

  • If you want your commission done by a specific date I may charge a rush fee, or decline your commission if I feel I cannot make that deadline. Be sure to tell me upfront if you want your commission done by a specific date!

  • If I contact you with questions / progress images for approval, I generally wait for a reply before continuing to work on your commission. If you don't reply I'll usually send a follow up after a week or two in case the first was missed.

  • In the event I do not hear back from you / you become unreachable, I will either continue without your feedback or put the commission on hold. If put on hold and 6 months pass without word from you, the commission will be considered abandoned. Abandoned commissions will only be partially refunded, or not at all if they were near completion.

  • I'm not always online these days, and I'm not always able to reply to messages right after reading them. If you write to me about a commission I'm working on for you, please give me at least a week or two to reply before following up again.